About the Stop Aquind Campaign




STOP AQUIND is a grassroots group with no political affiliation that primarily campaigns via the Facebook group Let’s Stop AQUIND. The campaign has attracted support from the three main political parties in local governance along the proposed route of the interconnector.

AQUIND held a public consultation in 2018/19 but afterwards many people were still not aware of it and felt they had not been given the opportunity to comment or object. As concerned residents we formed the campaigning group, Let’s Stop AQUIND, to scrutinise the project, raise awareness and halt it. We run a number of different Events & Activities to bring people together and we have a number of different ways to work together to Raise Awareness about the project. The planning application is a huge collection of documents and diagrams and is hard to find and difficult to digest, we have created a number of images showing the proposed route through the city of Portsmouth to help. The aerial images taken from a drone are overlayed with the planned areas to tunnel, did deep and wide trenches, take over green spaces and car parking, etc. These route images are free to share and distribute and we encourage everyone to do so, in particular on social media.

We are keeping a collection of press stories and TV reports about both our campaign and the wider issues surrounding the project, the company & directors and links to political figures and parties, you can deep dive all this information over on our In The Media page. We also have some on our Homepage too.

If you are a journalist, TV researcher, work in the media and would like to know more, interview a member of the campaign and explore the issues please do get in touch via our Contact page.

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