Events & Activities

Get involved with STOP AQUIND events and activities!

From the moment news broke about the Aquind Interconnector project we have come together as a community through a number of different STOP AQUIND events and activities. See below for our upcoming opportunities to get involved and see what we have been up to.

Upcoming Events & Activities:

Pop-up Petition Picnic at Bransbury Park on Sunday 25th July

We are having a Pop-up Petition Picnic at Bransbury Park (that is set to be carved up with the Aquind Interconnector route) now on the 15th August from 1pm to 4pm (date changed from July) near the skatepark. All are welcome! We are looking forward to meeting more members, have a chat, raising awareness, and collecting signatures for the Stephen Morgan MP petition. Find out more HERE and you can download and print out the form HERE.

Please bring your own drinks, and food.

Click here for the Facebook event page.

Petition Picnic


Portsmouth South’s MP, launched his public petition at our Walk the Route event. He hopes to collect up to 5,000 signatures in a petition to Parliament to stop the implementation of the Aquind interconnector project. A public petition led by an MP requires physical signatures. It can’t be done online or scanned and returned by email, but we are sure you feel strongly enough to go the extra mile to ensure our voices are heard! Find out more HERE and you can download and print out the form HERE.

If you haven’t got a printer don’t worry, we can help get a form to you or you can sign at some shops, libraries and other spaces. Check on our Facebook group or Instagram for updates on where to sign and contact us if you need help.


Sign The Petition

Past Events & Activities:

Walk The Route
We walked the full proposed route to protest and raise awareness. – July 2021

Static Protest
Covid-safe static protest against the Aquind Interconnector. – May 2021

Decorate The Tree
Portsmouth Tree Decorated to Raise Awareness To Planned Aquind Interconnector Project. – April 2021

Aquind Painted Rocks
Look out for Let’s Stop Aquind Painted Rocks in Portsmouth. – Spring 2021 & Ongoing

Craftivism and Aquind
Local Community Use Craftivism To Get Creative and Help Catch The Public’s Attention About the Aquind Interconnector in Portsmouth. – Spring 2021 & Ongoing

Children’s Stop Aquind Posters
Children’s Stop Aquind Posters Along The Proposed Interconnector Route. – Winter/Spring 2021

Line The Route Demonstration
Back in October people from all over Portsmouth came together to both highlight the damaging route the planned cables would take through the city but also the huge support for the campaign to stop Aquid. – October 2020

Watch the video of the Line The Route protest by Solent Sky Services: