Look out for Let’s Stop Aquind Painted Rocks in Portsmouth

The Kindness Rock Project is where people paint and share rocks around their community, with the aim for them to be found and then moved for another person to discover. People of all ages have painted Let’s Stop Aquind rocks and hidden them at different points along the proposed Aquind Interconnector route through Portsmouth with the aim to have fun, get creative and most of all raise awareness.

To get involved is really easy, when you are out enjoying the beautiful open spaces walking the dog, exploring the harbour shoreline looking for the wonderful wildlife or going walking by the lakes and trees of Milton Common and parks along the route simple keep an eye open for interesting and colourful rocks. When you find you can photograph it and share the photo on social media before placing the rock in a new location. You can of course also paint your own rock to help stop the Aquind Interconnector too!

Join the Let’s Stop Aquind Facebook Group and show people the rocks you have discovered and the rocks you have created!

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