Clean Air Day walking protest organised by Let Pompey Breathe

Portsmouth has had illegal and harmful levels of air pollution since 2010, especially in areas like London/Fratton Road. Breathing in the air in these areas on a regular basis can cause or worsen asthma, COPD, lung cancer, strokes, heart disease, etc. It especially impacts babies and children whose lungs are still developing. Making it easier and safer to walk and cycle is one proven way to reduce air pollution and improve our collective health (See here for details).

On June 17th, there is a Clean Air Day walking protest organised by Let Pompey Breathe meeting at Kingston Crescent (by Aldi) at 4:15pm. The walking procession along London Road, that will end in Guildhall Square for a static socially distanced protest starting around 5pm; bring banners (and masks to prevent Covid).

Find out more about the protest/procession on this Facebook page or blog.


Clean Air Day

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