Press Release: Stop Aquind Campaigners Pile on the Pressure with Led By Donkeys

Campaigners from the Stop Aquind community action group partnered with Led by Donkeys, an activist campaign group that specialises in large outdoor projections.

On Tuesday [7.12.21] night, Led by Donkeys screened their new 3-minute film on Aquind onto the walls of Boathouse 4 in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. The location and date were kept a secret until the day before and nearly called off as Storm Barra hit Portsmouth earlier in the day.

The film is a powerful exposé of how power works in the Tory Government and why they must be held accountable over Aquind. A group of local campaigners braved the cold and wind to take part in the final film. It has already gone viral on social media, with over 2,000 likes on Twitter in the first few hours.

Co-leads of the local campaign group, Paula Ann Savage and Viola Langley, said, “It was fantastic to work with Led by Donkeys. Having them on board really helps get the message across that Aquind must be stopped.”

The film as of the 7th December has had well over 1 million views!

Twitter link to film:

Facebook link:

Photo by Led By Donkeys.

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