Let’s Stop Aquind Objections to the Secretary of State (Part 1)

Back in March 2023 the Secretary of State extended the deadline that people can send in objections from the end of March to the 28th of April. Let’s Stop Aquind spent weeks researching and compiling a mountain of information to build a significant and compelling argument against the viability of the Aquind Interconnector project. This document contains a substantial amount of new information and original research not previously submitted.

Part 1 of the response can be downloaded and read HERE (PDF).

The report was written by Viola Langley and Ian Daye (who are Interested Parties in the matter of the Aquind Interconnector DCO proposal), and submitted on behalf of Let’s Stop Aquind by email on 28/4/2023. The report included additional contributions from Let’s Stop Aquind members Paula Ann Savage, Jan Dennis, David Langley, Paul Gonella and Jonathan Walker. Further research provided by Jean Nicholas and Donald Brument of Non A Aquind, our french counterparts.

Part 2 soon!

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