Aquind Interconnector Makes The National Press

Today the Aquind Interconnector story made the national press with questions regarding the government minister’s involvement in the project and political donations from Aquind board directors. This article will help shine a spotlight on the project and hopefully raise awareness locally too.

…the shadow business secretary, Ed Miliband, has claimed it would be ‘a total fantasy’ to believe that ministers could make an impartial decision on the project after receiving financial benefit from Temerko and Aquind Energy.

Stephen Morgan, the MP for Portsmouth South, said the minister’s decisions would ‘affect the day-to-day lives of people in Portsmouth’ who ‘deserve total transparency from this government and a real say in the decisions about the project’.

You can read the article on the Guardian website HERE.

If you want to find out more about Stop Aquind visit our homepage and for more stories of the Aquind Interconnector in the press visit our In The Media page.


Aquind Interconnector Story on The Guardian Website

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